Let's face it, the building industry is changing. Our model allows you, as an experienced builder, to provide your knowledge and know-how to homeowners looking to owner build while gaining time back to do the things you love.


What if we were to tell you that you could drastically reduce your overhead, gain 20+ hour per week back and increase your profit margins. Does that sound like something that aligns with your life goals?


After 10+ years of building custom homes, we couldn't help but think that there was a better way to get a family into their home. Every industry was evolving except for building. Now it has! Our model and process has proven to be a win-win by building off of the strengths and values of both the homeowner and builder.


Curious about what you will be offering? Learn more about what the client's experience is like and read the reviews for yourself!



By joining the team, you will have the option to have us provide you with a BuilderTrend account. This project management platform will be fully built out with templates for scheduling, estimating, selections, to-do's and much more tailored to Owner Build projects! The best part is, you will also be able to run your custom projects off the same platform.

Community support

You will be invited to a private WhatsApp group including all the other builders around the country to learn from one another, help answer questions, give feedback and bounce ideas.

Weekly check ins

Gain access to a one-on-one WhatsApp group where we can collaborate, go over updates, answer questions, give feedback and bounce ideas.

Area exclusivity

We look forward to working with YOU and getting to know YOUR area.

Online exposure

You will be listed on the main website under "Locations" as well as shared on our social media platforms for additional exposure and lead generation.

Estimated cost

Option A: This is for those that are already running their own software to manage projects and do not need additional software. This option is $17,000 annually which will include access to the program, trainings, collaborating, 1-on-1 weekly check ins, online exposure and much more.

Option B: This includes everything from Option A with the addition of a BuilderTrend account built out for your company. This ranges from $23,780 - $31,400 annually depending on the level of software your company needs.

The typical consulting fee per project is $35,000 - $55,000. We have found that we can manage roughly 6-10 owner build projects for every 1 custom project while still gaining time back into our week and not having to work through those final details that can make finishing a project tough!